Tastes Like Mandy


Tastes Like Mandy

Tastes Like Mandy was a multimedia installation on display at UMOCA’s Codec Gallery from May 19th-August 12th 2017

Tastes Like Mandy is an attempt at exploring the meeting place of ecstatic states with melancholic and is presented as an altar space to fallen transwomen in an aim to exalt and honor, while setting an intention for a more harmonic present.

Tastes Like Mandy map

The piece takes place in a small dark room with the only light coming from a single overhead purple spotlight. In the center of the room is situated a round pink faux fur rug with 4 human spine replicas placed in a symmetrical cross, each spine with glowing blue intervertebral disks. In the center of the spine-cross a mound of fresh soil is piled, partially spilling over the spines and filling the room with the smell of dirt. Four pairs of women’s underwear sit in disarray and partially buried amidst the soil.

From all corners of the room (speakers A1-A4) an ASMR recording of “ear eating” plays on a loop.

From three directional speakers (B1-B3) continuous tones play a bittersweet textural sound, only audible when standing directly underneath them.

A speaker in the center (C) is buried underneath the mound of dirt and plays a distorted sad tone which harmonizes with the shifting sounds from speakers B1-B3.

All the sounds play in continuous loops phasing in and out of tone and harmony, shifting the space from something ephemeral and healing, to something melancholic and mourning; all of these moods often exist at once.

Tastes Like Mandy detail